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If you are considering a career as a registered dental hygienist, moving to Missouri, or a new graduate we hope you find the following information helpful.


Applicant as dental hygienist, qualifications.
332.231. Any person who is of good moral character and reputation and who has satisfactorily completed a course in dental hygiene in an accredited dental hygiene school may apply to the board for examination and registration as a dental hygienist in Missouri. 
[see Statute 332.231 ]

License as dental hygienist, application, fee, renewal--continuing education requirement ...
332.261. 1. No person shall engage in the practice of dental hygiene without having first secured a license as provided for in this chapter.
[see Statute 332.261 ]


Licensure by Credentials

This rule outlines the procedure for licensing qualified dental hygienists coming from other states by verification of professional credentials.  [see Rules 4 CSR 110-2.070 ]

Continuing Education

This rule details the board's minimum requirements for continuing education for dental hygienists.  Want to know more on the time block and requirements?              see Rules 4 CSR 110-2.240


General Supervision: A dental hygienist may perform the following under general supervision.... See Rules 4 CSR110-2.130.

If you want additional information on the Missouri Dental Board Statutes and Rules...[click here]

Nitrous Oxide Analgesia and Local Anesthesia

4 CSR 110-2.130, #8  A dental hygienist may administer nitrous oxide if s/he obtains proof of competency... and permit...

4 CSR 110-2.130, #9  A dental hygienist may adminiser local anesthesia, which includes infiltration and block anesthesia if s/he obtains proof of competency.... and permit...

If you want additional information on the Missouri Dental Board Statutes and Rules...[click here]

Each Dental Hygienist shall maintain documentation of completion of the required CE hours Download Printable Continuing Education Report Form

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